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Company News

CNAS recognized car elastic element inspection and detection platform obtained project approval support

author:   Date:2012-08-20   Hits:4146


Company organization applyed for national foreign trade public service platforms—construct project, in Xinchang county Bureau of Commerce ,Shaoxing Bureau of Commerce and Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce’s care and support, which was set up the project construction by Zhejiang Province Department of Commerce recently.

CNAS recognition, that is China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. CANS recognized car elastic element inspection and detection platform, the majority of enterprises in Zhejiang Xinchang export base of mechanical and electrical products (auto parts) for the service object,to carry out the public inspection detection, information consulting, technology services for the purpos, actively d enterprise technological innovation and upgrade industries, improved the quality and level of the base of enterprises external trade, promoted comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of xinchang auto parts industry.